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Hello everyone. I am glad that you found us. Welcome to our page and our lives. Nice to meet you. My name is Melissa. Right now I reside in Ontario, Canada. I live with my husband Chris and our young adult children. Our dog, Molly. Three cats and a fish. But that is all about to change.

As our children are starting their own lives, we found ourselves at a crossroads in life. What should we be doing? We have been discussing this idea for a long time. It never seemed right with 5 kids. With the current state of the world, is now the right time? How do we really want to spend our time? Is now the right time? Should we do this? This adventure that we are about to take that has been a dream is now a reality.

We found our next home, an RV. I mean, did we really just do that? Are we crazy? Is this going to work?

The answers to these questions are almost just as unknown as what we are about to do. I am very excited. He is very excited. And we will say Molly is excited too. We are planning to live full time in our RV. We are going to drive and explore as much and as far as our wheels will take us. That's the plan, or the hope. Find some unique places and people. Get off the beaten path. And have fun with new experiences and making memories.

This adventure and journey is about to start. We still have some renovations to do. Stuff to store and sell. Major life changes. But we are doing this. Road date is early fall. I hope that you will follow along with us and Molly.

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