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The Long and Winding Road

Hello all! I hope this finds everyone happy and well. This might be a couple days late, but I wanted to jump on here and say thanks for joining us on our website, here in our little corner of the internet. And speaking about the babe!! Just a few short days ago we had no idea what building this website would entail, but now you've created this amazing platform in which to capture and share this next chapter in our lives. (Oh yeah, and Molly's, can't forget Molly). I'm glad to be the Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager (this is literally my account title people lol)

What a strange concept. The next chapter in our lives. As Melissa said, this is something we've been talking about for a long time. We've always enjoyed travelling the back ways in our nook of the country. The two hour round trip taking ten or twelve instead. Or being in the middle of a large metropolitan cultural center, enjoying some local entertainment and dining. Or some little known historical setting. Anything that might bring a new memory or experience. And fortunately we've been able to bring our children on numerous journeys, and engage and enjoy in the new and different with us. From early on in all our children's lives, we were on the road with them, which allowed them to travel well, even for some of the distances we've dragged them on. Our family has built some of the most wonderful (and some not so much lol) memories of our lives on these trips. The journey has almost always been just as fun as the destinations, and maybe once or twice more so.

But this seems behind us now. Lives are moving on and they are starting out taking their own steps into the world. And even though our love and support are always there, ours is no longer the job of leading them. And so, like Frosts' famous traveler, we find ourselves looking at possible futures, and wondering what the future looks like. And what will we think of the decisions we are making now. Will there be regrets? Should we have done something different? What if.....? Shouldn't we....? We have no answer for any of that. All we do know is that life is short and the timing is right, so let's take the leap. Let's see what's out there!

So thanks for joining us. We can't wait to enjoy this time of our lives with you. The next couple weeks/months are going to be hectic. A lot of work to do to get ready. And even more to learn the ropes of living on the road. We'll keep you posted on the progress and maybe get some pics up of the rv reno. Hope to talk to you again soon.

P. S. Just for fun. If you recognize the quote, identify the speaker in the comments. Extra points if you can also identify who they are speaking to.

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