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Fireworks. Love, love them. There is just something about them. The beautiful glow. The noise, the shimmer and shine. They way they light up the night. I remember thinking as a kid, that it looked like fairy dust sparkling in the sky. Just like magic. At least, that is what I thought. As a child living in Montreal, we would go watch the Montreal International Fireworks Festival. Well, we would go with my grandparents. To a shopping center parking lot, which was close enough to see the show. We would wear our pj's. The kids would lay on the hood of the car. The adults brought lawn chairs. There was usually ice cream involved.

I believe that is where my love has grown from. And I found out that I enjoy taking pictures of them. There have been a few times, I have decided that the pictures needed to be different. So I have found myself standing on a wall or fence, literally supported by my family. Or laying on my back shooting towards the stars. In the middle of a busy theme park, street or park. With all six of them standing in a circle around me, so I don't get hurt. Our chain link system. Wherever we go, if there will be fireworks, we are there. I am not sure if the hubs and kids are sick of them or not. If they are, they have never complained and not gone. They let me enjoy and have my magic. I don't think I will ever be. So on our travels, any fireworks I should know about? Leave me a comment here or on a social to let me know. Please like, share, follow and subscribe. Here are some pictures in a slideshow. There are too many pictures to put into one slideshow. To see more pictures like this go to our videos page, in the gallery menu.

©Photo Credit Melissa Brassard.

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